Shea butter’s nourishing magic has certainly stood the test of time, and its wealth of benefits have long reaped by the diverse and ever-evolving skincare industry. Boasting numerous moisturising fatty acids – not to mention its fair share of vitamins – it’s no secret that Shea butter is a true hydration hero. This ingredient’s additional healing, anti-aging and protective properties have ensured Shea butter’s status as a cherished treasure and all-round performer, transforming skincare rituals for hundreds of years (with good reason).

And yet, the story of it’s origination in West Africa, extracted from the nuts of the Shea Tree, is lesser known. At Bath House, we sustainably source our Shea butter from Ghana, where it is lovingly grown and harvested largely by women in the sun-Saharan Savannah. Here, we journey through Shea Butter’s rich history, properties and benefits, and highlight the incredible women at the heart of its harvest.

Extracted from the nuts of the shea tree that grow across Africa, Shea butter is a natural fat offering a whole host of properties and is hailed as a skincare powerhouse. Shea butter has been referred to as ‘Women’s Gold’, with many young women employed in the harvesting of this incredible ingredient. It is for the most part, hand-picked and processed by women, and is a major economic and life staple in the communities where it is collected.

This fatty substance has historically been used for both culinary and cosmetic purposes, with thanks to its unique composition that allows it to remain solid, even in warmer temperatures. It is intensely hydrating and healing – making it a stellar moisturiser that is rich in essential acids and easily absorbed into the skin. Shea Butter is certainly no one trick pony, though – this versatile ingredient can be applied directly on to the face and body as well as on the lips to soften and nourish, and the hair to tame frizz. This beautiful butter is time-tested and transformative, and makers a wonderful addition to any routine.



Reaping Its Treasured Benefits Given that the skin largest organ in the body, it should be cared for with the right products, that contain the right ingredients. Lathering the skin in ultra-nourishing Shea butter is a sure-fire way to achieving all-round nourishment, whilst incorporating a pampered and luxurious feel to the day-to-day. Whether in your body butter, creams, scrubs, or your moisturiser, Shea butter harbours benefit aplenty, with properties that go far beyond hydration.

Nourishing & Moisturising, Shea butter’s intense hydrating and softening properties have, to no surprise, been long appreciated for its active hydration and abundance of fatty acids, melting wonderfully into the skin. Shea butter nourishes the skin with vitamins A, E and F, helping to not only maintain the skin and keep it clear, but provide essential nutrients for healthy looking skin.

Soothing & Healing, Shea butter penetrates deeply into the skin to relieve redness, dryness and chapped skin, patching up the cracks in the skin’s protective barrier and providing a radiant, glowing complexion. What sets Shea Butter apart from other seed oils is its exceptionally nutrient and vitamin dense composition that foster skin healing, helping to improve skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis.

Protective & Anti-Ageing, this vitamin-rich substance is particularly helpful for sun-damaged skin, helping to prevent premature lines and wrinkles. Shea butter can also boost collagen production, combatting sagging and wrinkling as skin begins to age, and keeping your skin youthful, firm and elastic.



‘Women’s Gold’: Empowering Local Communities At Bath House, our Shea butter is sustainably sourced from Ghana and handcrafted by the local women of the sub-Saharan Savannah Sahel. This raw material has made a significantly positive impact on communities within Ghana, delivering a new and stronger infrastructure to a great deal of communities in need. The story behind Shea butter production is perhaps its greatest asset, providing women with a secure income for their family in addition to the chance to negotiate their own price before it arrives in Europe for filtering and cleaning.

For female farmers in Northern Ghana, Shea harvesting is hard but necessary work for these women to step out of poverty. ‘Women’s Gold’ is a fitting name for this wondrous ingredient; precious, sought after and invaluable for so many reasons, Shea butter is a source of income for 16 million women in Arid, Sahelian Africa. This income contributes to the needs of these hardworking women, providing food for their families, education for their children, and their medical needs.

When purchasing Shea butter, for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, communities are supported in impoverished parts of the world, as women are empowered to maintain a livelihood for their families. The Shea tree has been used for thousands of years by the women in West Africa for its health, wellness and nutritional properties, and the benefits we reap today are the culmination of true dedication and hard work. It can take 20-30 hours to extract a mere 2.2 lbs of raw Shea butter, but this slow, traditional process allows the butter to retain its valuable nutritional skincare properties. Providing unmatched moisture, nourishment and protection, Shea butter continues to prove itself a powerhouse ingredient that not only supports not only our skin, but supports local communities in Western Africa.


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