Let’s embrace sustainable practices for cleaner living.

The joys of showering extend beyond mere cleanliness; it’s an experience that can rejuvenate the body and mind. Warm water cascading over the body, aromatic soaps and shampoos, and the time for personal reflection…not to mention that fresh post-shower feeling, energising you for the day ahead. It’s a daily ritual integral to our lives.

However, as we become increasingly conscious of our routines and how they impact our environment, there are ways to make our shower routines that little bit more eco-conscious – from showering for less time, to minimising our consumption of single use-plastic products.

That isn’t to say, however, that your daily shower shouldn’t be a luxurious and enjoyable task, allowing you to relax and unwind. Yet, just a few small changes to your shower routine can promote cleaner living with a sustainable future in mind. Here, we discuss how you can incorporate eco-conscious choices into your shower through mindfulness of your practices and products.


The Problem with Plastic

The personal care industry has a worrying dependency on single-use plastic. It’s likely that your shower gels, shampoos and conditioners are all, to some degree, packaged in plastic, from bottles and pumps to caps and lids. Even when these products can be recycled – often – they are discarded regardless.

The high volume of waste from single-use packaging designed to be disposed of contributes to long-term environmental pollution, piling into landfills and taking hundreds of years to decompose. When a body wash purchased for use for only a few weeks is likely to be around longer than the average lifetime, if not recycled, this highlights a pressing problem within the industry.

To make matters worse, a significant portion of plastic waste ends up in our oceans, posing a threat to marine life that may ingest plastic particles or become entangled in plastic debris. As plastic begrudgingly breaks down, microplastics form, contaminating water sources, soil and even the air, endangering our crucial ecosystems.

The takeaway here is evident; plastic is, and should be, public enemy number one when it comes to promoting sustainable practices and protecting our environment.


Introducing The Bath House Aluminium Bottle

For those embarking on their journey towards a sustainable life, making a few simple swaps can drastically help minimise plastic consumption in our self-care routines. Thankfully, alternatives to traditional packaging in shower products are available on the market, like metal and glass, helping you to ditch the plastic.

Aluminium, in particular, is a true hero when it comes to manufacturing sustainable shower products. This material is highly recyclable and can be done so indefinitely, without losing its quality. In comparison to plastic, the recycling process uses far less energy and pollution, reducing the carbon footprint associated with the recycling process. Aside from its enhanced recyclability, aluminium packaging boats a robust and durable structure, providing better protection for its contents during transportation and storage compared to plastic.

At Bath House, our body wash comes packaged in a sleek aluminium bottle, the formulation is enriched with carefully chosen natural extracts and plant oils to enhance the showering experience. The bottle can be refilled time and time again with our refill pouches, utilising aluminium’s durable nature to ensure zero plastic waste. Our body wash packaging is comprised of aluminium, down to the screw-top lid, with easy pouring to allow for complete control over how much product is used, minimising product waste, too.

Selecting aluminium packaging when it comes to our shower products brings a wealth of benefits to the environment, helping to reduce consumption of pesky plastics and minimise our carbon footprint.


Making a Difference, One Shower at a Time

Each and every one of us can be advocates for sustainability; individual actions can contribute significantly to a cleaner, greener future, no matter how small they appear. Aside from making eco-conscious choices when it comes to our shower products, other small tweaks to our bathing routines can make a monumental impact. For instance, showering for just five minutes less each day has the power to save litres of water, and even selecting a low-flow showerhead that reduce water flow without sacrificing that all-important pressure, can significantly decrease water usage.

Keeping this in mind, whilst supporting brands that are committed to eco-friendly practices, from providing refillable packaging to using ethical materials, is key to ensuring your showers are sustainable. Mindful consumption and considered showering practices reduce your environmental footprint, whilst allowing you to enjoy the refreshing and invigorating experience a shower provides.


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