Bouldering & adventure helps us to overcome challenges

We all have problems and issues we must overcome. Life can be a bit like an upward climb but with thoughtfulness and resolve, we will overcome and triumph.

For many, the opportunity to head out to the wild spaces for some peace and quiet and also some adventure offers a great and much needed boost to health and general wellbeing. There are so many beautiful undiscovered places to visit in the Lake District which are easy to find if you do a little research.

Harry Brooks, a London filmmaker and photographer visited Great Langdale in the Lake District with two climbing friends Fergus and Dan Cleavy to test their abilities at bouldering and at the same time apply a little of the healing power nature brings. Harry explains his film, “I am constantly inspired by our surroundings for my work and decided to venture out to capture some Lakeland climbers in action. Climbing in many ways is a form of meditation. For me it opens a door and you suddenly find yourself having to exist entirely and only in the present, making instant choices and calculated decisions to go on and go upwards. In that space, your body feels like it is being driven subconsciously by your mind. I sat in the grass and observed the brothers at work. Fergus and Dan had a precision of movement, learned from years of practice. As the afternoon light began to leave, they struggled to complete a section of one of the routes up the vertical wall. They realised something had been left behind. Retracing their path, Fergus told me there was a movement that wasn’t familiar to him. “I’m not worried” he told me, “important things always come back to me. It’s just the way of the world.” Sure enough, as their final attempts at the route took place, he managed to shift his body in a new way, and as he did, a tiny glint of the evening sky could be seen over the giant boulder and sure enough, he calmly placed two hands on top of the rock face, lifting himself up.”

“By focusing on simple lines and the purity of nature, I believe that climbing almost creates a perfect intimate space for self-study and reflection. Sometimes it’s the not knowing that feels like the hardest part, but the challenge is to remain calm and find your way move by movement.”

We hope you enjoy the film, finding it an inspiration, providing an insight into the adventurous and uplifting world Harry’s good friends Dan and Fergus.