• Our products contain a high percentage of natural ingredients; this helps protect the environment when washing products away. For example, we have only ever used natural exfoliators in place of plastic microbeads in our body scrubs, and therefore are proactively protecting our oceans.


  • We choose to use plant-based by-products from the food industry for some of our ingredients, such as Glycerine from rapeseed production in Yorkshire and Orange Peel from the orange juice industry in Italy.


  • We use ingredients which are from sustainable, renewable sources. They are carefully managed and replenished to prevent negative environmental impact. We choose not to use palm oil in our formulations.


  • We use only the ingredients that are really necessary, to deliver a maximum effect.


  • Since 2019, we have successfully reduced our use of plastic packaging by 85%.


  • We use fully recyclable aluminium and glass for our bottles and jars. We print directly onto the bottles where possible, to ensure their longevity of use.


  • We offer alternatives to our plastic dispenser pumps, which is optional on our body washes.


  • We provide a refillable system using plastic pouches (which use 85% less plastic than conventional plastic bottles). Our plastic pouches are 100% recyclable and can be placed in normal household recycling when empty.


  • Our local, Cumbrian printer uses a low energy printing press, an alcohol-free print system and has BSI ISO14001 Environmental Management certification. They use soy, non-toxic and vegetable-based inks for printing.


  • We use FSC approved paper, board and card for all our packaging and delivery boxes.
    We avoid the use of glue for our carton boxes and instead we use a tab packaging system.


  • We avoid over-packaging, and use no plastic when packing our products for gift sets and for protecting website orders during transit, using paper and board padding instead. We also use no plastic tape to seal the boxes, instead we use a biodegradable sealant tape.


  • We have an Environmental Action Plan, certified by the Small Green Business scheme.


  • Our carbon usage is net zero, facilitated through a tree planting scheme, and using local suppliers where possible.


  • We are working towards becoming plastic-neutral, so for every piece we produce, we’ll ensure the equivalent amount of plastic waste is recovered from the environment, so it can’t reach the oceans and landfill.


  • We encourage customers to reuse, refill, and lastly recycle all of our packaging, including the reuse of plastic dispenser pumps. All cardboard we use in our business is recycled.


  • All our courier website deliveries are distributed using zero carbon couriers. We are located close to our stores to reduce our carbon footprint. Store deliveries use a reusable crate system.


  • We encourage our team to switch off equipment when not in use. Our making rooms and offices have been fitted with low energy LED lighting.


  • We use recycled paper for printing in the office environment, we encourage a paper-free office practice, where possible. Receipts for online orders are sent via email to the customers to avoid unnecessary use of paper.


  • We use a low-energy, efficient server for the hosting of our website.


  • We are always looking into new formulations that will require less energy.