Our Story

Our Journey towards Niche Perfume and Natural Skincare


Makers of artisan fragrances and natural skincare created from the heart and made with a conscience.

We first met at art college and became friends sharing a love of the art, design and the British landscape and later settled in the Lake District. We found this an inspiring place to live and work. Here the landscape, unspoiled and wild led us through a creative journey, and in 1997 we came together to create the Bath House, making fragrance and natural skincare.

We worked closely with formulators and perfumers to make our first products, and with time we also gained practical skills and a deeper knowledge of our ingredients and started creating our own products at our own making rooms in Sedbergh, Cumbria in 2007. Producing our product ourselves in small artisan batches meant we could oversee the whole process from sourcing raw ingredients to the final formulation and packing. In this way we could ensure consistent quality, always maximizing the freshness of the natural extracts, plant oils and butters that are sealed into every bottle and jar.

By 2017, we needed more space and so moved a short distance to the village of Dent, Cumbria, where our larger making rooms are now located. Around this time, we also began to recognise a responsibility to bring our packaging more in line with our sustainably sourced ingredients, so we began the process of reducing our reliance on plastic for our bottles and jars. Carefully redesigning, we embraced a more minimalistic, durable and functional style, using recyclable materials, primarily to be refilled and reused time and time again.

Taking this principle further, we are working hard to make the whole company, including our supply chain, more ethical and transparent, working to engage with customers so that they can join with us in our sustainable journey. We realise we are not perfect and are always striving to improve – every decision made stems from our commitment to furthering the sustainable practices of the Bath House brand in order to preserve and protect the environment for the future.

Since our first store opened in Kirkby Lonsdale in 2003, we have enjoyed the opportunity to connect with our customers, sharing our knowledge of fragrance and natural skincare. This has been such a success and we have opened five more stores – each is a unique space for customers to experience our full collection of products. We hope when you choose a Bath House perfume, skincare product or home fragrance, you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them.

Abigail, Nigel, Pauline, Glyn & Gareth


Join us on a journey through our making rooms and discover some of the handmade processes we use to make our Bath House products.


Discover more about how we make and design our products to help live a more sustainable lifestyle, reconnecting with nature and improving health and wellbeing through skincare and fragrance.