After the joyful days of Christmas with all its gathering and celebration, the days between Christmas and New Year feel as if the world suddenly falls quiet. Time is on pause, and the days stretch out in front of you with none of the duties or rituals that Christmas demands from us. We are free to enjoy the softer, quieter days.

This time has become known as ‘twixmas’ which comes from the Old English word betwixt, meaning ‘in between’.

We’ve put together some ideas of how you may like to embrace this slow week that will help you feel refreshed and recharged as we head into a brand new year.

Practice gratitude.
Spend some time thinking or writing about what you have felt most grateful for this Christmas. Is there anyone you can thank for their hospitality or gifts? Instead of a text, take the time to sit down and write a card or a letter to express your gratitude. If you have children, you could involve them in making thank you cards for friends and family.

Recharge your body and mind.
After the indulgences of Christmas, our bodies and minds can feel tired and out of sync. Treat yourself to an afternoon soak in the bath, take the time to moisturise and replenish your skin and try some gentle yoga stretches to help reinvigorate you. For your mind, try a short meditation to help ground you in the present moment.

Lean into creativity.
Without our everyday routines, our minds tend to have more space for creativity. Try your hand at a new craft project or teach yourself a new skill such as painting, drawing or upcycling furniture using online videos. Dive into any new books you received for Christmas or browse your bookshelves for any unread gems you might have missed. Try your hand at writing your own short stories or poems. Allowing ourselves to have fun and just play can liberate us from our familiar day-to-day structures.

Declutter physical or digital spaces.
As we make space for the gifts we may have received over Christmas, it is also an excellent time to clear out any unwanted items or clothing you no longer use or enjoy. Decluttering not only clears more physical space but also mentally can help us feel calmer. Set aside time to declutter your digital spaces – sort through your files, delete and organise the camera roll on your phone and perhaps print a few photos of any particularly memorable moments from the last year.

Spend the day outdoors.
The daylight hours in December are fleeting and often chilly, but spending time outdoors will help refresh your body and mind after the festive indulgences. Head to your favourite local park, wood or hill, adventure out to a new village or take a new footpath you’ve never ventured down before. Observe how familiar places look different in winter and watch out for any signs of early snowdrops. If you feel creatively inspired, try journalling or drawing what you see en route or simply enjoy the nourishing effects of being out in nature.

Reflect on the past year and set intentions for the next year…
Before rushing into the new year, consider how the previous year has felt for you – what went well, your proudest moments, any challenges you may have faced and how you’ve overcome them, and the lessons you may have learnt. Taking the time to reflect will help you consider what is important to you moving forward. Think about how you would like to feel, any goals or wishes you’d like to achieve, and what your intentions are heading into the brand new year.

Rebecca is a writer and hillwalker based in Ambleside, find her on Instagram at @lookwithneweyes and at

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