In recent years, the beauty industry has undergone a transformation, with an increasing number of eco-conscious consumers on the look out for ingredient listings that include sustainable credentials for their personal care products. Our formulations at Bath House embrace this trend and we are proud to include amongst our many natural ingredients some which started life as by-products of the food industry.

“Upcycling ingredients turns waste materials that would normally be thrown away into beneficial bodycare ingredients. It’s a really great resource for the skincare industry, because it also addresses the food industry’s ongoing waste problem, it’s a win-win solution for all”, explains Gareth Marshall, production director at Bath House, who has many years of experience sourcing and using natural ingredients, creating the skin and personal care products we make.

In this article, we will explore innovative ways in which we are now using upcycled waste food ingredients, from apple and tomato seeds to orange peel and walnut husks, and we will explore how this is an important part of our commitment to sustainability and is helping to make a positive impact.

We have always believed creating natural beauty is not only about focusing on the wellbeing, health and lifestyle of our customers but also about our own ecological footprint. We are committed to using safe, natural ingredients that will offer significant benefits to the skin while promoting a sustainable lifestyle that is less impactful on the environment. “By using ingredients derived from food waste, we are taking an important step towards creating a more circular economy and a more sustainable beauty industry” says Gareth.

Bath House is committed to bringing the benefits of such ingredients to our customers, offering a range of benefits. These natural alternatives bring added value in the context of health and wellbeing, many containing high levels of antioxidants, antimicrobials, and anti-aging compounds. They are also a highly effective, natural alternative to the use of synthetic chemicals and microbeads.

Discover just some of our products which include beneficial ingredients sourced as by-products.

Walnut Nut Shell
Our Patchouli & Black Pepper body scrub uses walnut shell, which is sourced from the discarded husks of walnut shells and is another by-product of the food industry from the USA. The shells are milled and ground down to a fine granular powder which has excellent exfoliating properties. We use this because it helps to gently slough off dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. As a natural exfoliant, the particles are also biodegradable and so do not harm the environment.

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Orange Peel Powder
We use this exfoliant in our Bergamot & Amber Face Wash, which is a by-product of the fruit juice industry in Italy. The peel of oranges is usually discarded after the juice has been extracted. However, it was found that this peel when dried is still rich in vitamin C and has mild exfoliating properties. It is now collected and dried out before being ground into a fine powder which we use as a very gentle exfoliating ingredient in our Bergamot & Amber face wash. It helps to remove impurities and dead skin cells, whilst also providing a brightening effect on the skin. Its mild natural qualities mean it is also suitable for sensitive skin types.

Using such natural exfoliating ingredients in our skincare products is beneficial for the environment as it repurposes waste materials that would otherwise be discarded and supports the sustainable practices of the food and beauty industries by utilising natural and locally-sourced materials. Moreover, these natural exfoliants provide effective skincare benefits without the use of harmful chemicals or micro-plastics.

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Tomato Seed Oil
The handcare products in our Greenhouse collection rely on upcycled Tomato seed oil, which is extracted and sourced from the seeds that are typically discarded by the food industry when making sauces and pastes. The seed is turned into a nutrient-rich oil full of benefits – it is high in antioxidants and rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, that help protect the skin and skin’s barrier.

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Apple Seed Oil
We use this aptly named plant oil in our Climbing Trees body wash and body lotion. Such oils are obtained by drying the seed, which are then cold pressed to extract the oil. Heat is not introduced during this process, which helps to preserve the ingredient’s potency. The apples we use are collected from orchards in the UK. The oil they produce is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins, making it an excellent ingredient for skincare.

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This amazingly versatile ingredient that we use in many of our skincare products at Bath House, including our face, hair & body oils. Glycerine is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture from the air to your skin to deeply and continually hydrates your skin after application.

Glycerine can be created from entirely synthetic ingredients but our Glycerine is naturally derived and is a by-product of rapeseed oil. Farmed close to home in North Yorkshire, England, Rapeseed is a popular crop in the UK and the oil it makes is widely used in cooking and as a biofuel. Glycerine is a natural humectant that helps hydrate and soothe the skin. Sourced from a supplier so near our making rooms, this helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, whilst making use of a wonderful ingredient and helping support the local economy, creating jobs and income for farmers and producers in the area. Using locally-sourced ingredients also ensures freshness and quality, since such a product does not have to travel long distances and is more likely to be harvested at the peak of its ripeness. As a business, we are committed to using locally sourced ingredients when we can, helping create a circular economy.

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Grapeseed Oil
This plant oil is used in our Patchouli & Black Pepper Shower Oil. This originates from Italy and is a by-product of wine production. The grape pulp which is left over from the wine making process is also cold pressed. The resulting oil is ultra-light and contains many skin benefits, and it is rich in antioxidants (up to 20 times more than vitamin E). Amongst its many benefits, Grapeseed oil helps to protect the skin from environmental stressors and helps promote skin elasticity.

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Fruit AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids)
These are natural acids found in certain fruits that can provide various skincare benefits. In the case of the Cedar & Lime body wash, the Fruit AHAs are partially made with an ingredient that is a by-product of the maple syrup industry. There is a significant amount of waste created including the bark and wood chips when the trees are tapped to collect the maple syrup. Rather than discarding this waste, it is repurposed to create Fruit AHAs. This natural ingredient helps exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, promoting a smoother and more even complexion, and can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as improving skin texture.

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The food industry continuously generates a significant amount of waste. In the UK at present we create 9.5 million tons of food waste. While many people don’t consider this to be an issue because food items naturally decompose over time, this still contributes significantly to global warming. The most frequent waste is created from vegetables and salad crops so repurposing this waste into natural active ingredients as mentioned earlier is a win-win situation. We believe the advantages of substituting synthetic chemicals with beneficial natural alternatives in personal care products is undeniable. At Bath House, we will continue to expand our use of innovative natural ingredients, derived from food waste, to make healthier and more sustainable formulations. We believe that by doing so, we can make a positive impact on the world while providing our customers with high quality and effective products. We will continue to expand the use of upcycled ingredients in our formulations, making sure that ingredients from by-products of the food industry are maximised and making the most of these undervalued resources.


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