Welcome to our journal on the joys of spring fragrance! As the daylight hours lengthen and we wave goodbye to the chilly winter months, now is an ideal time to embrace the promise of warmer weather and switch up your perfume game accordingly. In this journal, we’ll explore why changing your perfume with the seasons is important, discuss how to choose your perfect fragrance for spring, and explore our top five Bath House fragrances for the season.

So why change our perfume to match a season?

The change in temperature can affect how a fragrance smells on your skin, so it can be important to choose a scent that’s appropriate for the season. For colder months, you might want a warm, cosy scent to provide that comforting feeling, whereas, in the spring, something lighter, fresher and more playful is needed.

Fragrances are very personal and like an extension of ourselves – they evoke certain moods and emotions, and can even transport us back to different places we’ve been and rediscover memories we might hold locked away in our subconscious. Walking through the woodland at this time of year, filled with daffodils releasing their floral spring scent or hyacinth flowers in full bloom on a windowsill comes to mind. Changing your perfume with the seasons is always a fun way to reflect your mood and personality and while it is perhaps a small personal pleasure or an indulgence, the choice of something new helps to keep life interesting.


How to choose a spring fragrance…

Choosing a spring fragrance from all those hundreds of tempting bottles can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. When selecting a perfume for springtime, consider the notes that you prefer. If you like fresh, light scents, opt for citrus notes like bergamot or mandarin. If you prefer something floral, look for notes of peony, rose, gardenia or orange blossom. Additionally, think about the occasion for which you will be wearing the fragrance. For daytime wear, you might want a scent that’s fresh and playful, while for night time, something more elegant and sophisticated has appeal. The most important thing is to maintain an open mind, try something new, and have fun discovering fragrances. After all, the love of a scent is deeply personal and so your choice is always the right choice.


Our top 5 fragrance edit for Spring

Roses for Keats is a new addition to the Bath House collection of fine fragrances. This is an intoxicating, fresh floral fragrance for spring, inspired by the travels of the famous romantic poet John Keats, who travelled through the Lake District in 1818 and wrote a sonnet about his love of roses. This eau de parfum is a teasingly delicious and intoxicating floral tribute to Keats’s own adventurous spirit and his love of life. It is created with the fresh aroma of green bergamot, mandarin and ripe pear. Intense heart notes of gardenia, rose, geranium and violet are set adrift over warm amber, cedar and sandalwood. One to celebrate a spring romance or fresh beginnings.


Life Is; this fragrance is the epitome of spring, created with joyful, green, aromatic notes, reminiscent of blue skies and a sense of freedom. The fragrance features notes of white freesia flowers, peonies, and orange blossom, as well as blond wood and there is a soothing musk base note.


White Tea & Rose; this deeply romantic and enchanting fragrance is perfect for a spring afternoon. It features notes of white tea, wild herbs, thyme, musk, and roses, and transports you to an English garden, beguiled in a light misty summer rain.


Skimming Stones; this is a fresh, aquatic elemental scent, perfect for a day walking by the side of the lake or picniking and watching the world go by. The scent features notes of aromatic rosemary, fresh green bergamot, iris flowers, wild roses, moss, patchouli, sandalwood and musk.


Frangipani & Grapefruit; this elegant and citrusy fragrance is perfect for a spring evening. It features notes of fresh green grapefruit, nectarine, frangipani flowers, musk and warm cedar.


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