I used to shop for Christmas presents purposefully on Christmas Eve…and then brag about it in a ‘look how chilled I am’ kind of way. Do forgive me though – I was only in my teens, and Christmas wasn’t my thing. Even now, I could never be accused of ‘overplanning’ for Christmas. In the interests of being in the moment, I try not to look too far into the future.

But I do appreciate that on a practical level, planning is an important part of life. And because there is much joy to be had in preparing for something exciting, planning for Christmas can contribute to our wellbeing. Having the time to choose mindfully, to imagine the pleasure your choice will hopefully bring to others, to get creative and artistic, and to generally put love into your Christmas gifting, is a gift within itself. The gift that keeps on giving, you might say – year after year, after year.

Conversely, rushing around last-minute, grabbing less-than-suitable gifts from a petrol station late on Christmas Eve, is likely to elevate stress levels and create feelings of overwhelm and regret. We’ve all heard of buyers’ remorse – in this case, for not doing your Christmas shopping sooner!

Allowing yourself the time and space to choose, means you can gift with integrity and authenticity. Time gives you flexibility. Not only can you decide on what matters to those who will receive your gifts, but on what matters to you.

Are you keen to be a friend to the earth? Do you wish to limit your purchase of plastics and non-renewable products? Do you want to buy green, locally-sourced produce from ethical companies? Are you determined to only buy products with organic ingredients? These are all questions that might be very important to you. And yet, in the mad rush of pre-Christmas, you may have to reluctantly compromise on your ethical stance if you find that time has caught up with you.

Gifting may, and perhaps should, contain some of our own personalities. Receiving a present that has been made or wrapped with love, or a card that has been drawn or written with thoughtfulness, is a wonderful treat. If you’re a person who loves nature, who has a leaning toward certain aromas or hues, you may want to let this influence the gifts you choose. We tend to think that putting something of ourselves into our offerings is selfish, but it can be quite the opposite! A thoughtfully chosen gift can represent a beautiful connection between you and a loved one.

Very few of us have the luxury of feeling unrushed when it comes to preparing for Christmas. Being completely organised is unrealistic, and probably unattainable. This isn’t about perfection in any case – it’s about the potential to thoroughly enjoy our gifting.

It can be an art, a skill, and a representation of who you are. A way of sharing your pleasures – and even your beliefs – with others. Bath House goods are all ethically-sourced, organic and packaged with sustainability strongly in mind, freeing you from the stress of having to find products that reflect your values. This leaves you with more time to choose with care and intention, helping to make Christmas gifting a joyful and exciting experience, and thus contributing – in no small way – to your winter of wellbeing.

*Disclaimer: I have never bought Christmas presents from a garage. But if I happen to be telling an untruth – I honestly can’t remember doing it. Which is almost the same as not doing it. Sort of.


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