If we were to ask you to have a look through your current collection of skincare and cosmetic products, we would guess that the majority contain an ingredient labeled Glycerine. You can expect to find Glycerine in everything, from your bars of soaps to your body scrubs and lotions. Glycerine is a much-used and beneficial ingredient in the beauty industry for many reasons!

Let us take you on a short journey to uncover the great things about this powerhouse ingredient, including the reasons behind its soaring popularity in skincare. We will guide you through our very own story behind why we love it so much, and why 90% of our skincare products include this amazing ingredient.

Glycerine is one of the most frequently used ingredients used in beauty and wellness products after water and fragrance…before I explain how and why it’s so good for the skin, it’s important to know a little about where it comes from.

Glycerine’s appearance in its raw state is as a viscous, clear liquid that is naturally scent-free. The glycerine we use is manufactured in North Yorkshire and is a by-product of local rapeseed production. While the majority of Glycerine used in the industry is naturally-derived, it can be produced from a variety of sources, including animal fats (a by-product of the meat industry) or it is derived from vegetable fats, including palm oil, using a distillation process. So while some suppliers may offer cheaper alternatives, they often cannot guarantee for us where their glycerine is coming from. We prefer to pay quite a bit more in order to know exactly where our glycerine is from, ensuring it’s free from palm oil and its vegan-friendly.

So how does it work and what benefits does glycerine offer our skin?

One of the things that makes glycerine such a good ingredient for the skin is that it can absorb moisture from the air, making it hydroscopic in nature, so it is very soluble in water, consequently glycerine is a fantastic humectant agent. Its moisture-retaining abilities make it perfect for bath, body and skincare products. It also boasts emollient properties, which means it has the ability to keep the skin hydrated and soothed by further creating a protective film, effectively helping to seal in any escaping moisture molecules. This is why, if you suffer from very dry skin or you notice that your skin doesn’t retain moisture throughout the day; a glycerine-infused routine can actually help prevent moisture loss that might be causing it to dry out, and that feeling, as though your skin is tightening throughout the day. This can be a common problem for skin, not just on your face and neck, but in all areas of the body. Glycerine’s ability to serve multiple functions at once, truly makes it a powerhouse ingredient, but benefits don’t end there, because it’s not only suitable for dry skin, it is in fact a perfect ingredient for all skin types.

As we now know Glycerine can draw water from the air back into your skin, moisturising and hydrating without making the skin appear greasy. That is why you will find glycerine is widely preferred and present in many oil-free products (especially those for moisturising) principally because it helps to replenish skin’s moisture levels without the need for any additional oils penetrating the skin. Working closely with our formulators and chemists we have created a broad range of skincare and body cleansing products which all contain glycerine to bring the benefits of this super-hydrating ingredient to your skin.

And its wondrous list of benefits continues… all year round.

No matter how prepared you believe you are when it comes to skin maintenance there will be times when planning goes right out the window as certain factors are beyond even our control. One of the most common triggers that can affect the health of our skin is the environment, and the most common environmental stressor – is our ever-changing weather…

I’m sure we are all feeling the summer blues as the drawn-out nights and beaming sunshine have made way for shorter days and darker nights for Autumn. Whilst a sudden drop in temperature is to be expected, one thing we might skip in our seasonal preparations is to consider our skin’s constantly changing needs, and yes you’ve guessed! As we enter a season of cooler temperatures, you can still rely on the natural benefits glycerine to come to your skin’s rescue, soothing, hydrating and maintaining our natural moisture balance as we venture into the chill of outdoors or return to the dry air of our centrally heated homes. Glycerine can transport aquaporins within the surface layer of our skin; these essential proteins regulate a vital flow of hydration deep within our layers of skin. Therefore, you can rely on glycerine to replenish the skin with essential natural moisturising factors, helping protect us from environmental stressors such as these sudden temperature fluctuations and harsh cold winds.

Finally, it is important to note that our skin’s natural ability to keep itself moisturised becomes depleted over time, which is the main reason why it’s essential to regularly use certain ingredients as part of your daily routine. In the long run, these continue to help support and benefit your skin. There are no quick fixes, but we believe regularly using naturally-derived glycerine no matter where on your body it’s applied (face, body, hands or hair) will support your skin’s ability to stay hydrated and moisturised.

So whether you are looking to indulge in a relaxing evening bath, prepare your skin with a post-shave scrub or ritualise your skincare routine; you can always rely on the powerhouse of natural glycerine to quietly and without fuss, keep your skin and your entire body super-hydrated nourished and healthy…

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