The Valentine’s Day we know today originated as a feast day for Saint Valentine, and was romanticised by the courtly love of the 14th and 15th centuries.

But what does it mean for us today, and how should we acknowledge it?

For me, Valentine’s Day is significant. A marker in the seasonal calendar. Once past it, I’m glad. I know I’m on my way and that it’s going to get easier from here on.

At this point, you might well be wondering if I hate the occasion, if perhaps I’m romantically bitter and scarred, relieved that I don’t have to feel like an outcast – for another year at least.

Well folks, that’s a whole other journal! Seriously though – that’s not what I mean at all…

Awakening of spirit in preparation for spring…

Valentine’s Day is the middle of February, right? And that’s the time when I really start to notice the longer days, the lighter skies – and as a result, the awakening of my spirit. It has been happening gradually since the winter solstice of course, but it takes a bit of time for it to energise me.

An interesting fact…did you know that the days don’t get lighter – or darker – by the same amount each day? I only discovered this a few years ago. It’s because the earth travels in an ellipse around the sun, rather than in a perfect circle. And through February, the amount by which the light grows each day is greater than in midwinter.

But to return to my point – I always feel that once past Valentine’s Day, we are well on our way to the lighter evenings and springtime.

That alone is reason to celebrate!

A time to reflect on our love…

Of course, Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time to celebrate our relationships. These can be our romantic ones – but also our platonic ones, our family ones and the most important one of all – that with ourselves.

So, whether you are embarking on a new romance, freshly single, remembering a loved one, deeply connected to your lifelong partner, or even struggling to find peace in your significant relationship, Valentine’s Day can be a good time to stop, take stock and do something special to acknowledge where you’re at.

Bringing attention to ourselves…

It’s easy to think Valentine’s is just for couples, or that it’s not your thing. That it’s a ruse to get you to waste your money. But these traditions can be an opening to self-discovery, a key to go within and an invitation to celebrate something that might otherwise go unnoticed. Where would we be without these little markers in our calendar? They can guide us towards recognising what’s important – and that’s a valuable lesson.

Therefore, I invite you to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, by beginning with yourself. We can only form good relationships if we have a good relationship with ourselves. That begins with self care. From here, we can show our love and appreciation for others in our lives. And finally, we can watch the love and appreciation flow back to us. Simple really!

Happy Valentine’s Day, with love from me to you x


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