The beauty industry is currently undergoing a remarkable shift towards sustainability. Brands and consumers alike recognise the urgent need to reduce their environmental impact. World Refill Day holds a significant and important role as it highlights the global need to reduce waste and reassess our daily consumption habits. This annual event emphasises the urgency to transition from single-use packaging to reusable and refillable alternatives, promoting a circular economy within the beauty industry.

About 5 years ago at Bath House, we decided to take on the challenge of removing plastic from all our bottling solutions, choosing fully recyclable aluminium and glass alternatives. Our body washes, as an example used to be 100% plastic packaging. They are now plastic-free, fully recyclable with a refill option available.

We wanted to embrace the positive environmental power of refills as a simple method to revolutionise the beauty industry and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Our 500ml refill pouches have been thoughtfully designed to offer a convenient, eco-friendly option for replenishing your bottles and jars of favourite Bath House products. By choosing refill options, we are collectively making a significant, positive impact, helping reduce waste generated by traditional single-use packaging. Over time, the positive environmental effects of choosing to refill will grow exponentially.

So let’s explore further…
Convenience and eco-consciousness can coexist, providing numerous benefits to people and the planet when we embrace the refilling of beauty products. It cannot be disputed that the beauty industry’s reliance on single-use packaging has over time resulted in significant environmental consequences. We see on the news and on popular wildlife and nature programmes how plastic particles, microfibers, bottles and containers contribute to the ever-growing issue of global plastic waste, polluting our oceans and landfills and wider aspects of the environment in which we live. It is crucial to recognise the negative impact of the linear system, of our past habits of ‘purchase, use, throw away and buy another one’. Now with hindsight, it’s time to act, time to explore sustainable alternatives such as refilling. This is particularly relevant for beauty products.

Traditional packaging of body creams, lotions and washes generates excessive plastic waste, and in fact, it’s worth considering all the plastic you have ever used since you were born will still exist today – a toy, a toothbrush, a drinks container, a razor – and most are likely to be buried somewhere in a landfill. Such personal items represent a sad legacy of our consumer-based life story. These items have their moment of usefulness or they may have been frivolous fashionable purchases or single-use items. One truth that unites them is the resilience of the material they are made of. Plastic will take hundreds of years to decompose, releasing harmful chemicals into the environment along the way. The production and disposal of plastic packaging also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and depletes valuable natural resources. By shifting towards refillable options, we can begin to actively reduce plastic waste and help minimise our carbon footprint. Refilling beauty products eliminates the need for new primary packaging with each and every purchase, resulting in less waste generation. This approach supports the principles of a circular economy, where resources are conserved and reused instead of discarded.

So it seems clear – refilling beauty products will make a positive impact on the planet and for the consumer it is cost-effective. Refills often come at a lower price point per ml of product. This is because they are filled in bulk and do not include the cost of the primary container to be used and thrown away. By choosing refill options, you not only save money but also contribute to saving the planet while enjoying your favourite products. Moreover, refilling existing containers reduces your carbon footprint by requiring fewer resources and less energy for manufacturing new packaging, bottles and jars. This also contributes to lower greenhouse gas emissions and less overall waste, helping conserve water, energy and raw materials used in packaging and container production.

Discover our refill pouch…
Our 500ml refill pouch has been specifically designed for Bath House products, providing a convenient and eco-friendly solution. It allows you to replenish your beauty essentials easily into our stylish, durable glass and aluminium containers without compromising on quality or effectiveness. While the pouches themselves are made of plastic, they actually use up to 85% less plastic than conventional bottles. They can also be easily recycled in normal household recycling, and even turned into new products such as garden furniture. So by using our refill pouch you can enjoy the benefits of living more sustainably while maintaining your beauty routine.

Our tips for refilling…
When refilling your products, always ensure that the bottle is clean before transferring the product, and take care not to mix different products or contaminate the product during the refilling process. Working over the sink, remove the lid or pump of your bottle and squeeze the liquid from the pouch into the bottle. Each pouch contains enough for more than a single fill, so to avoid unnecessary wastage it is advisable not to try and fill completely, especially if you are using a pump.

For storage, find a convenient and easily accessible place to store your refill pouches. Proper storage ensures that your products remain fresh and ready for use. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

With our body washes designed for use in the shower, we provide an aluminium screw lid to go with the aluminium bottle so there is no plastic at all, you simply do not need a pump which is great for the environment. With a body wash, it is easy to pour the liquid required into your hand and this is our recommended method for using our body washes in the shower. However, some customers prefer a plastic pump, which we do provide for a small charge. We recommend for ease of use, stick with the aluminium lid, as it can be much easier to use in the shower as unless placed on a hard surface, using the pump in the shower can prove rather challenging! The plastic pumps we do use are for use with our products with a thicker consistency, such as a body lotion, which are difficult to pour out from a bottle.

We are pleased to announce that soon all our plastic pumps will be fully recyclable. In the meantime, please reuse your plastic pumps. They are durable and are designed to last, just like our bottles.

How to continue your sustainable journey…
So once you embark on your refill journey, why not embrace sustainability further by exploring other sustainable beauty practices? Consider using reusable cotton pads or towels, look for products with minimal packaging and opt for recyclable or upcycled options for your beauty products whenever possible.

In celebrating World Refill Day, we encourage our Bath House customers to join us on a journey towards a greener beauty industry. It is time to embrace refillable options, educate others about their benefits and support brands that prioritise sustainability. Together, we can reshape the beauty industry’s landscape and pave the way for a more eco-conscious and beautiful world. As we look ahead, let us remember that every refill counts. By making conscious choices and supporting refillable options, we become catalysts for change. Let us continue to innovate, collaborate and advocate for a more sustainable beauty industry – one refill at a time.

Thank you for joining us in this journal, exploring the benefits of using refills in the beauty industry. Together, let’s create a more sustainable and beautiful future.


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