We make all our own product. We have a team of highly skilled artisan makers who carefully source our ingredients and components and an in-house creative team, so from initial ideas through to finished product, we are involved in every process. We analyse every aspect of our business as it is developing, building on the knowledge we learn as we progress, so that we are able to make informed decisions on how to produce products in the most environmental and responsible way.


We use natural ingredients which are renowned to have many health benefits, and we are always transparent about the percentage of naturals we use in every product, with an average of 97%.

We use eco-certified, ethically produced ingredients. This means they can be traced back to source, so we know how and which farms they were grown on.

This is always important when we choose ingredients for new products. The remaining small percentage of ingredients represents synthetic ingredients used in fragrance, and the essential preservatives used in small amounts, to keep the formulations stable.

Read our full list of Ingredients Blacklist.


We work hard to create packaging which does not rely on plastic and uses minimal natural resources. This is a constantly evolving process.

We are currently looking into alternatives to our remaining plastic components, including replacing the plastic dispenser pumps, and options for hygienic and environmentally-friendly ways in which to refill our products in our stores. Our mission is to become fully plastic-neutral.

We show clear, full ingredient listings on our packaging alongside information so customers can refill, reuse and recycle efficiently. Where possible, we state where board packaging is FSC certified, and this will eventually be in place on all our packaging.

Ethical Practices

With choices, there comes responsibility and integrity, balancing the needs of business, community and the environment, so that each will thrive and flourish, benefitting each other in a positive way, today and tomorrow.

We treat our employees and customers fairly and respectfully, and we make sure we work with suppliers who share our ethical practices.

We are working towards having B Corp certification, this is a detailed process and one we are striving to achieve. B Corp certification covers the entire business and includes five key areas; governance, staff, community, environment and customers to ensure we are meeting the requirements of both people, stakeholders and the planet.