The warm summer days are here and it’s time to bask in the sun, revel in the lighter evenings, and enjoy the overall bliss of the summer.

The longer days of summer change all aspects of life, from spending more time outdoors to embracing seasonal produce, these alfresco moments are often an enjoyable experience and a time for making the most of living outdoors and closer to nature. It’s also a perfect time for considering a seasonal skincare refresh. Your body and wellness practices should ebb and flow with the changing times of the year, adjusting to the conditions and combatting the new environmental stresses.

So if you need a few summer skincare suggestions, keep reading. We’ve compiled a list of tried-and-tested skincare tips you can use that will help revitalise your routine. From a simple spritz of homemade rosewater to remembering to use an effective sun cream with the right SPFs. Our tips will help to promote radiant healthy skin as well as embrace a commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle helping to deepen your connection to nature.



It’s time for a refresher. Scroll down to unlock the secrets to a reinvigorated summer glow…


SPF is a must for any time of the year, but it’s non-negotiable in the summer months. When the sun appears, it’s all too tempting to soak up the rays and get some much-needed vitamin D. However, before you enjoy the positive effects of UV rays, ensure you’re protected against the not-so-nice factors.

Adding a simple SPF into your morning skincare regime is the best way to ensure you’re covered. UV rays can cause dehydration, sun damage, and a host of other undesirable effects. Gently work an SPF into your skin with lots of moisturiser – you’ll thank yourself when you’ve enjoyed a day in the sun without the redness.

Introducing a high-quality SPF into your routine is effortless. You can simply apply the protective product after cleansing and moisturising, and then you’re ready to face the sun. SPF works alongside regular facial care and bathing products, so you won’t have to swap any favourites out.

Pro Tip – Don’t forget your lips, hands, ears, and neck! These sensitive spots are easy to forget.

Create a homemade rosewater spritz

With increased sunlight and warmth, sensitive skin can flare up, leading to irritation and redness. Those with sensitive skin can cool and hydrate with a quick and natural rosewater spritz. This simple spray offers a soothing effect and can alleviate redness for all skin types.

If you enjoy using natural remedies and also gardening, you can create this favourite at home. After all, there’s nothing like the scent of fresh roses – especially if they’re calming your skin.

Interested in making a home-grown rosewater spritz? Follow the steps below to create your own soothing tonic.
– Pick your rose petals, rinse them and place them inside a container.
– Heat some water until boiling. Add the water to your rose petal container and seal the lid.
– Allow the mixture to cool and gently stir the ingredients. Leave the container closed overnight.
– The next day, open the container and run the mixture through a colander. Squeeze any extra liquid out of the rose petals.
– All complete! Add your rose water to a spray bottle for a spritz effect or keep it in a jar and use it as a toner.

Choose summer scents

A great way to modify your skincare routine is by using products made with fragrances that embrace the wonder of summertime.

Your choice of different scented lotions, bath oils or hand creams should match your mood and feelings about the seasons, and so as your sun-kissed skin soaks up the goodness of all the natural hydrating ingredients we use in our products, it will also be delicately fragranced with the aromas of summer.

For daytime, we recommend classic notes such as citrus. From bergamot to grapefruit, neroli and lemon, or drier herb notes such as thyme, basil and rosemary, these remind us of the heat of summer. And for anyone diving deep into a romantic fiction summer read, try warm fresh florals such as roses, lilacs and peonies, blended with hints of vanilla and cedarwood to help to transport us along our own romantic journey.

Scent, memory and emotions are all intertwined – you can use these seasonal fragrances to wake you up and boost your mood for the day ahead, or revel in the nostalgia and romance of those longed-for summer evenings. Little changes and additions to what scented products you use on your skin can make a big difference to your daily wellbeing.

Opt for lighter products

Summer is also the time to celebrate easy-breezy solutions. You don’t want to tackle the heat whilst wearing a thick cream, so optimise your beauty products accordingly.

It’s important to continue moisturising in summer, but you can say goodbye to super heavy-duty hydration. Instead, seek lightweight lotions, body oils and body soufflés that have a ‘barely-there’ feel. This improves your comfort, cools and gives your skin more room to breathe. Retire your heavier products in favour of weightless alternatives. You’ll feel a big difference, we promise!


Be gentle with cleansing

Those with oil-prone skin may experience oilier skin during the hot months. At first, you might be tempted to add an extra cleansing session or skip your moisturiser. However, this short-term relief isn’t always the right option.

Too much cleanser or rough cleansing can damage your skin’s natural barrier, leading to further breakouts. Stick to your usual skincare routine steps with a gentle approach, especially if you notice skin irritation. Remember, your skin is an organ! Gentleness and nutrient-rich cleansers are key to achieving a healthy summer glow.


Moisturise, moisturise, and moisturise again!

It can be tempting to skip the moisturiser in summer, but don’t be so hasty to disregard a boost of moisture. Hydration is just as key in the summer months, as higher temperatures cause more perspiration and thus dehydration. Showering or bathing with a product which includes Glycerine is also a perfect way to keep those moisture levels high.

Ensure that besides moisturising regularly to maintain hydration you keep your trusty water bottle by your side throughout the warmer months. Upping your water intake is the best way to complement the benefits of eco-friendly skincare products, so don’t forget your morning H2O fix.

Need a top-up? Bath House believes moisturisers are a key aspect of any healthy skincare routine.

Consider antioxidant-rich products

If you do fancy topping up your skincare collection, we always recommend opting for antioxidant-rich skincare products. These beneficial compounds boost collagen levels, protect skin from environmental damage and leave your skin looking and feeling brighter.

Skincare products aren’t the only way you can optimise your antioxidant input. Choose a summer salad of refreshing leafy greens, citrus fruits or a refreshing cup of green tea. Thinking about what you eat helps your body and skin to get a re-boost from all of these compounds.


Summer skincare without fuss

Regardless of your skin type, revamping your skincare routine for the summer heat is always recommended. Whether you stock up with goodies from an independent British brand or opt for at-home tweaks, you’ll see welcomed changes in your skin as soon as the temperature rises.

Always start small before making any significant changes. Patch test new products first, be aware you are stepping out into sunnier days with increased UV rays so if you feel any discomfort or irritation, don’t persist, consider a different product. Of course, everyone’s skin is different, so take it slow and experiment before settling on a formula that works for you.



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